6 Ways to Help Develop a Love of Music

Are your children getting bored of practicing? Has their initial spark and love for music slowly diminished? Check out this Article on developing a child’s love for music! 6 Ways to Help Develop Your Child’s Love for Music

A Better Way To Practice

Here’s an article discussing something we all need no matter what age or level we are musically. A Better Way To Practice

The Benefits of Summer Lessons

During the summer break a good majority of my students take the summer off. For the most part in my own studies I have taken the summer off myself. Here are some reasons why students take summer lessons. Seven Reasons to Take Piano Lessons in the Summer

Tips to Aid Memorization

Memorizing pieces has always been a struggle for me. I have students who have things memorized after only a few run-throughs. Just last week I had a Level 5 student say to me let me play it once with the book and I’ll have it memorized, sure enough that’s exactly what happened. What he has […]

Coping with Performance Anxiety

I have tried to be honest about the fact that I struggle with performance anxiety. It is something that I am continually working on and am always searching for new techniques to help me and my students. I think at a certain age we become aware and concerned about what other people think. The best thing […]

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