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MYC’s curriculum was created to build and sustain a wide and firm foundation in music education, appreciation and performance for young children. Students not only learn how to play the piano and read music, but are also taught the other important elements (i.e. Sight-reading, composition and ensemble playing) that help create a solid, educated and well-balanced musician.

MYC is the only early-childhood music education method that integrates and utilizes Conservatory repertoire within their method, working towards each MYC graduate completing their first piano exam and theory exam. Each concept that is taught (in MYC), is introduced and supported through the four learning styles (auditory, tactile, analytical and visual) to ensure that every child in MYC has the highest level of success in not only learning each concept, but also being able to apply and manipulate that information as needed.

Sunrise Pre-keyboard music and movement (2 – 3 years)
Sunrise is an exciting and innovative pre-school music & movement program with a flexible format that fits the level of development of these children perfectly. Our Teddy Bears help teach the children rhythms and puppet friends Buzz, Buddy and Mellow guide children on their music journey and instruction with singing, and ear training. Our child-centred curriculum includes stories, songs, and games to ensure that all children feel and achieve a high level of engagement and success. There are three blocks (or levels) to the Sunrise program.  Sunrise Block 1, 2 and 3 – each 10 weeks in length. Each block builds upon the last, so as the child’s foundation in singing, rhythm and ear training builds and grows, so does the curriculum. Once a child has finished either one, two or the full three blocks of Sunrise, they are naturally ready to move seamlessly into Sunshine 1 (SS1).

Sunshine 1 & 2 (3-4 year beginners)
Sunshine 1 , the youngest of the keyboard programs, is the starting point of the MYC® Method, building their foundation in music reading and playing the piano.  Students experience movement through beats and rhythms, as well as developing their fine motor skills with rhythm instrument ensemble playing.  Children start learning the geography of the piano and note-reading through our MYC Critters (and their stories that children can relate to).  By the end of the SS1 level (after 34 weeks), children are able to play their first scale (C Major) and are reading from the staff.

Sunbeams 1, 2 and 3 (5-6 year beginners)
Sunbeams 1 (SB1) is the entry point of the MYC® Method for 5-6 year old beginners.  They are first introduced to piano geography and rhythms through our MYC Critters to help set their foundation of music knowledge and education; however, the pace of learning for these Sunbeams matches their developmental stages.  Vocabulary development is the focus for this age group- at this stage we introduce “big kid” terminology to introduce concepts, finger numbers, and keyboard geography.

Moonbeams 3
Reading becomes the primary focus for gathering information, while the songs, ensembles and keyboard repertoire incorporate early piano literature, folk songs, technique and harmonization. Designed to support the students’ growing sense of independence.

MYC Registration Fee

Registration Fee

The content of each registration package varies by level but includes all materials the student will need for the 34 weeks of lessons. 

  • Sunrise $38.99 (+ applicable taxes = $41.45) Per 10 Week Block
  • Sunshine 1 $197.32 (+ applicable taxes = $210.25)
  • Sunshine 2 $142.72 (+ applicable taxes = $153.06)
  • Sunbeams 1 $197.32 (+ applicable taxes = $210.25)
  • Sunbeams 2 $142.72 (+ applicable taxes = $153.06)
  • Sunbeams 3 $190.87 (+ applicable taxes = $203.61)

For more information about the program please see my MYC profile.

Renée's Music Studio Lesson Fee

Lesson Fee for Sunrise
Sunrise $23.00 per 30 minute lesson ($230 per 10 week block)

Lesson Fee for Sunshine, Sunbeams, or Moonbeams
$25.00 per 45-60 min lesson for 34 weeks including recitals.

Schedule for 2024-2025 Lessons

Classes start September 3rd, 2024 and ends May 13th, 2025 (34 weeks)

  • Sunrise – TBD
  • Sunshine 1 – TBD
  • Sunshine 2 – Wednesdays at 5:30-6:15pm
  • Sunbeams 1 – TBD
  • Sunbeams 2 – Wednesdays 6:15-7:15pm
  • Sunbeams 3 – Tuesday 5:00-6:00pm

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