Summer Private Lessons Application

Laid-Back Lessons

Some families see summer as a time for a change of pace, for vacations, family activities or perhaps just relaxing by a pool.

Many families still like to maintain their music lesson schedule while enjoying the good ol’ summer time.

We agree wholeheartedly! And we like to be accommodating. So, from the end of our regular teaching year in June until the new teaching year begins in September, we offer our existing students the opportunity to extend their private lessons with a schedule that coincides with family plans.

Are you thinking about taking music lessons for the first time?
Our summer schedule can also be a good time, for a person with a passion for music and wanting to try an instrument, to take lessons for a shorter length of time that fits their summer time plans.
Give us a call at 519-727-0555 for more information or to schedule an appointment to come see our studio.


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