Teacher Training Program

As the demand for lessons has grown at Renée’s Music Studio the idea was born to hire a second teacher. After much thought, instead of hiring an outside teacher I decided I was going to hire my students. Watching my student’s progress over the years and then being able to see them share the gift of music with others  is very fulfilling. I believe this to be the best option for the studio as these teacher’s will have been taught by me and then trained to teach by the standards that I uphold for Renée’s Music Studio

Teacher training will be based on whether I believe the student would be a good fit for the studio and if there’s an opening.  Also, students must have successfully passed their grade 7 RCM exam and are working towards there Grade 8 RCM to begin training. Training includes observing my private lessons and offering feedback to the student, and learning about different curriculum and teaching techniques.