Music Theory

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Elements of music theory are a requirement for anyone moving through the RCM program. It can also raise those truly interested in all aspects of music to a whole new level of understanding of the history of music, past composers and much more.

We are currently canvasing both students within our studio and outsiders to see what interest people have in a theory program here at Renée’s Music Studio.

If you would like to express your interest in this program either for yourself or a member of your family, we invite you to submit your request in the form below.

This is for assessment and planning purposes ONLY. When we believe there is adequate participation, we will contact you with pricing, schedule and other details.

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In the grand scheme of learning music, music theory serves as the foundational framework that helps musicians understand the structure, composition, and language of music. It’s like the grammar of music, providing rules and principles that guide composers, performers, and listeners in creating, interpreting, and appreciating music.

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